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Files: These are files and mods that addon or enhance WOW is some way.

Auctioneer(Contriubuted by Gekk): Are you broke? Trying to juggle gear AND skills, but running out of gold? Sick of killing monster after monster in hopes of a "Green" item? Have you ever offered your self to Thrall (Sexualy) for money? Well, no more! Can you read? Can you download somthing? Can you follow directions? If you answered "Yes" to even only one of these questions, than that means you can read, and that means even YOU can be rich! (Unless you cannot download somthing, than your boned.) So now for the secrets of success. Download the latest version from the development website http://auctioneeraddon.com/dl/. When its done, un-zip it. (You do have winzip? http://www.winzip.com/ ) Well now, send EVERYTHING in the zip-file to YOUR-WoW-Folder\interface\addons (Your world of warcraft folder should be somthing like C:\programfiles\worldofwarcraft ) after that you should start the game, and look for a little "Addon" button on your character screen. If you see it, than it worked. If it didnt work, DELETE the files "WTB" & "WTF" from your WoW directory. The files are only used for saveing you configurations, the game will still work just fine. Now from here on out, I'm going to assume you have it installed, so lets move on. You are going to go into the Auction house (AH) and you should see 2-3 shiny new tabs! Pay no attention to them just yet. What you want to do, is click the little "Scan" button. It is on the bottom left, of the first tab. This can take up to 20 mins, but such is the price of getting some much needed gold. Grab a smoke, watch the tube, get somthing to eat... Whatever you do to pass time IRL. When the scan is finished, start it agin! Thats right agin. (You only have to run it twice, the first time you use it) Than click the "BtmScan" tab, on the top left side, you should see a little "Play" button, click it. In a few moments, you should start getting little pop-ups asking you to buy stuff. If it says "Sell to vendor" buy it, thats an item that will sell for more to a vendor, than it was being sold for on the AH. Easy money, never pass it up! If it says, "Priced for re-sale" say no! You may buy it out, just not yet. Now keep saying "yes" to vendor sells, and "no" to re-sales, untell the scan is finished. When the scan is over, turn BtmScanner Off.(BtmScanner will not shut its self off, and can get in the way of things, if left on) This is the part, that can get on your neves. But untell you get used to what buys and sells good, you should really do this. On your chat-log, you will see the names of all the items you said "No" to, and the price it was going for. Now under the main auction tab (The first tab) search for the items, you said "No" to. What you are doing now, is looking to see if the item is REALLY worth buying. Sometimes an item will be underpriced, and so will many, many other identical items. Buying even one, can be a good way to loose gold.

This is bad.
[Item you want to buy] is 2G - should sell for 3Gs
[Same item] 2G
[Same item] 2G
Ect... Ect...
To many people are selling it for that underpriced, skip it... 
You can buy ALL the cheap ones out, but thats a real gamble.

This is good.
[Item you want to buy] 2G
[Same item]4G
[Same item]4.25G
Ect... Ect...
Its the cheapest one there, buy it and re-sale it!

Once you have done this, and have enough items, go to your mail-box, get the items, and resale them on the AH. Do this once when you get on, and once when you get off. You will make gold in no time. Anyway thats the end of this guid, I need to re-work it for sure. But it gives you an idea of what to do, this weekend I will get a MUCH better one up. Untell than I hope it helps.

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