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These are the rules that have been established for the use of the Red October Guild Bank. In the event of a problem pleading "I never read the rules for the guild bank" will have no effect on being stripped of access to the guild bank.

Click HERE to look inside the Red October Guild Bank

The main purpose of the guild bank is to offer a place for guild members that want to donate items to help out other guild members that might be able to use them. The guild bank DOES NOT GIVE OUT GOLD. Requests for gold from the guild bank will just be ignored. Any gold in the guild bank is what is saved for the purchase of the next guild bank tab.

Red October Guild Bank Rules

  1. The purpose of the guild bank is to provide useful items to characters in our guild.
  2. The guild bank DOES NOT GIVE OUT GOLD, EVER.
  3. The items withdrawn from the bank can only be items your character can equip and use at the time you take them (on the character that takes the item, not for alts, and not for future use).
  4. Taking items your character can not use for reasons including just to sell or disenchant them will result in demotion to Initiate, pending investigation, and can lead to being kicked from the guild. Here are examples of excuses we hear for abuse, none of which are acceptable:
    • "I never read the rules for the guild bank"
    • "Someone I share an account with took the items, not me"
    • "I needed the item to raise my disenchanting skill"
    • "It's none of your business what I take"
    • "I don't agree with the rules, I can do whatever I want"
  5. Gray items are not needed in the guild bank and just take up space. These will be removed and sold to a vendor on sight and the proceeds dumped back into the guild bank.
  6. If you see an item you want you can't take just ask an Officer for it. Officers will only give you items your character can equip and use.
  7. The logs of the guild bank will be reviewed at random to ensure it is not being abused. Abuse is any behavior in conflict with rules established here.
  8. Initiates have no access to withdraw any items but can view the guild bank tabs. New Initiates will need to wait 1 week before being eligible for member status. This discourages farmers that join just to take from our guild bank and then quit the guild.
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