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Red October EventsGuild Events in Red October: This is the guild calendar were events are announced. Events here can be a guild-wide event, such as Bagmania, or a scheduled instance run or raid. Want to list your run or raid here? Ask a guild Officer for assistance. Be patient and don't pester! All times are listed in DoomHammer time.

The more notice people get about an event the more likely they can make plans to attend. Short notice events should expect low turn-outs.

Guild Events Information: Red October has various reoccurring events. This section describes all the major events, their purpose, and how they normally work..

  • Bagmania: One basic way higher level guild members can help lower level guild members is with donations of cloth to the Guild Bank. In WOW guild members are often drowning in cloth and have surpluses that are often of little value once tailoring and first aid have been maxed out. Red October encourages new guild members to earn their own way by collecting items and selling them to vendors or putting them up for auction. To help new guild members carry more junk to sell the guild as a whole creates a pile of bags and gives them away to guild members. New guild members typically get very excited to get a bunch of large empty bags so this event is called Bagmania.
  • Quest Rampage: With hundreds of members there are often multiple Red October guild members online at one time that all need to complete the same quests in the same area. When a guild member is interested in grouping with other guild members to quickly blast through a quest chain we call this a Quest Rampage. If you see other guild members online around your level, invite them to quest with you and everyone can get experience and item rewards faster together than you could alone.
  • Fly Point Run: The World of Warcraft features a sizable world. It’s big…very big. When you’re level 1 and you have to run everywhere it is extremely big. Sometimes it can be really annoying though as a quest directs you to a new area of the game world and you can massacred over and over just trying to get there. This frustration is where the Fly Point Runs come from. Though out the game world are various Flight Points at which a character can take an aerial taxi to another section of the game world. Characters must reach a Flight Point and “discover” it before they can use it. Red October has large numbers of guild members, and new ones are joining all the time that have not yet “discovered” various Flight Points. In the Fly Point Run any guild member that is interested bands together in a large Raid and, escorted by higher level guild members, sweep across the game world and “discover” all the Flight Points on an entire continent in one continuous wave.
  • Honormania: In WOW some of the best gear is available only for honor points and medals of honor. But grinding in the battlegrounds can often be lonely and painful as you go through battle after battle with strangers that are hostile and don’t cooperate to win. When a Battle Ground Weekend comes up member mass for Honormania! Diving into the battle grounds as a group with friends you know is much more fun than going it alone. Together members earn honor and medals and they do it with style.
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