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Files: These are files and mods that addon or enhance WOW is some way.

WOW Nude Patch [Updated 6th April 2011] (Created by Zilem): Rolled a female character just to see what she'd look like after you undressed her? Been disappointed? Here's a little download that allows you to see WOW the way men like it....all female PCs no longer have underwear. The succubus in previous nude mods was naked too but unfortunately this edition does not include nude succubi (sorry warlocks. This patch consists of just 1 file. Drop it in and follow the instructions and fire up WOW and presto! No config files to monkey with, no screwing up your install. If you don't like it, delete it! Download and unzip this file to your "World of Warcraft\Data\cache" directory and you can see WOW as it should be! This file works with Cataclysm and includes model changes for worgen and goblin women (so they can be naked too). There are no nude male graphics (men don't want to see that) included in this file.

Remember you must unzip the file or it won't be read by WOW. Don't unzip the file and dump it in while WOW is running.

Can't figure out how to get the patch working? Watch the HOW TO video

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